Project Manager


We're looking for a part-time (10-20hrs/week?) project manager to help with one or more of the following:

Kickstarter campaign management

  • First campaign launch in early 2018
  • Keep us on track with LaunchBoom academy 
  • Establish a working process that could be repeated several times a year

Book publishing schedule

  • Keep tasks in sync with Kickstarter campaigns
  • Work with contributors and contractors 

Merchandise schedule

  • Keep illustrators, printer, and distributor in sync with Kickstarter campaign

Marketing campaign management

  • Various smaller campaigns running in sync with yearly goals and projects
  • Setup and streamline process for engaging with customers
  • Help us connect with existing fans, new fans, press, etc.!


Compensation dependant on experience and skills. 

Bonus if you happen to be in New Mexico, or Portland, OR. 

Please contact or fill out the form on the About page. No need to be formal as we are a brother and sister making things in our studios. Just let us know why getting things done is your cup of tea.  :-) 

Cheers, Paul